Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Toxic plants, Belly Dancing & Learn about another NEW case in Georgia of a ring of people using Tropane Alkaloids ~ Scopolamine to induce a chemical hypnosis to steal the minds of people

It’s amazing how some things just tend to work out.

At first I thought that it wasn’t “post” worthy, until I realized who I was talking to, then I just thought it was hysterical!

Talk about a small world!

As if Ms. Mide posting a comment on my blog & finally admitting to being a hypnotist wasn’t funny enough!

So there I was with a friend of mine at Cheers laughing it up about the whole Ms. Mide making an ass out of herself on my blog thing, and how her idiotic, deceitful behavior only confirmed her malicious disposition, when apparently our conversation was overheard by a woman nearby.

So the woman comes over, and long story short, joins our conversation – quite nicely I might add,
but you’ll see why in a minute.

She didn’t appear to be rude in anyway, but of course I was suspicious at “who” she may be and only due to the way she kind of interrupted us & where she said she worked, let’s just say this; she appeared to know who I was talking about, or at least was curious about who we were talking about, although I never provided Ms. Mides actual name.

Often, I don't typically use her actual name in conversation with others because to me addressing someone by their name demonstrates a level of respect, I have zero respect for Ms. Mide, she’s nothing more than a common criminal who could care less about anyone but herself, well herself and …
eating her corned beef - out - of - a - can, that is. Yuk, that's just disgusting.
Yup, as disgusting as it is, Ms. Mide likes to eat corned beef straight from the can!

I don't know, I guess there's something about eating that stuff straight from the can that seems kind of
canine - ish or pig-like like to me.

I picture an animal desperately trying to get the sticky remnants of food out of the can;
tongue trying to reach the bottom of the walls and the floor of the can, the whole deal, while the can is rolling around the ground bouncing off the exterior of trash container that hold's it for only seconds in place,
long enough for the a-n-i-m-a-l to get a shred of food off the walls of the can or to lick the juice left over that's clinging to the bottom of it.

You know what I'm talking about right?

On to the funny stuff ...

Anyway, this woman could not believe what Ms. Mide did to my husband and who’s actions of course in turn monstrously destroyed our lives in numerous ways.

But what I thought so odd during our conversation, as the woman in disbelief, ate her Ahi Tuna (personally I couldn’t eat that stuff), said, and these are her words … “that makes so much more sense now, I can’t believe someone can be so despicable & so nasty! no one would ever know huh?”.

Quick note; what I thought was odd was the damn tuna she was eating - it wasn't anything she said.

We somehow then got on the subject of the six degrees of separation
and believe it or not
Belly Dancing

LOL another post for another day. Apparently Ms. Mide had an interest in classes for Belly Dancing.

LMAO. Sorry, but all I can picture is forcing 10 lbs of sausage in a 5 lb sack, a can of corned beef hash and a fork.

So, over the course of the conversation, let’s just say I learned quite a bit and so did miss whodoyacallher Ahi Tuna eating person 

An important note;

Please read this recent sad story about a ring in Georgia of people doing the same thing to other people; administering scopolamine to induce a chemical hypnosis to steal from them as it demonstrates almost to a tee what happened to my husband. Here is some background info http://www.scopolamineisland.com/Background.html

Here is the home page http://www.scopolamineisland.com/Home_Page.html

That story of what is happening in Georgia is very similar to what
particular Mides did to my husband

Just like the victims in Georgia who were drugged with scopolamine to get them to sign legal docs ...
Look who signed my husband's financial docs for the court  ... Ms. Mide

click to enlarge

One last thing, here is a link to another person who was caught and arrested because she too
was using scopolamine to drug people to get them to sign legal docs

Scopolamine Queen arrested 

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