Monday, April 14, 2014

Compelling ... True story; The secret about real soulless Zombies, zombies that you don't know do exist

Ok, so everyone knows that the dead;
through a virus and being reanimated, with no soul walking the earth in need of eating living human flesh is a Zombie, and if your like me and a gazillion other people we intently watch The Walking Dead and endure emotional distress when the season finale is over and we can't figure out what the hell to do with our Sunday nights (well, I do),  and the days and weeks drag on until October when the anticipation returns, we get amped up and once again we get to watch our favorite TV show.

Before I go into real zombies (as crazy at that sounds) and how they are literally being created;
lost soul the whole deal, let me just get this out ...

I have to admit, I'm one of those people who are completely obsessed with
The Walking Dead; Sunday nights are my night in my household, and everyone knows that.

 It's like a standing rule.

It begins with some sporadic TWD tweeting in the afternoon until early evening.

Yup, it begins in the afternoon and we're all getting ramped up.

Then the "warnings" to my family members in my household or family who is visiting are sent out and it goes something like this;

"Guess what night it is guys ?"

"I got all of my school work done by Friday, so I don't have to deal with it at the last minute on Sunday"

"No mom is not babysitting for you, get your hubby or your sister to babysit!"

"Whose not going to be interrupted with anything tonight?"

"Who has the TV from 8:00 pm until midnight tonight?"

"Eight o'clock is quickly approaching"

"Whatever you need from me or need me to do, speak now or forever hold your peace ... or at least until midnight".

My Sunday nights start at 8pm when I watch the previous episode of TWD before the new episode, then on to The Talking Dead and then onto the encore presentation of TWD afterward.

This season was a little different for me because some of my family members who did not previously watch TWD, began watching it with me this season and by the time that the season finale came, they too were now bummed that they had to wait until October for more. Yes, the family members who were once too busy on Sunday nights to watch TV, are now hooked.

Then for me is always the whole searching for the casting director(s) of The Walking Dead for auditions, researching The Walking Dead locations, the extra's and Zombie school, although I would much prefer to be a character likely found helping Rick, Carl, Daryl and the group fighting zombies or finding Beth than to be a zombie trying to eat any one of them.

I go through this sometimes, as if I would ever have a shot in hell of landing a role on TWD.

~ Ahhh but to dream

So getting back to creating real, soulless zombies ...

Most people (that's putting it mildly and by far, significantly underestimating the actual number of people) do not know this;

By using very specific chemicals by a very specific group of people; they are intentionally creating people who are living in a perpetual walking, living, unaware, robotic - compliant like state, others who have committed suicide and still others who have ended up or will be left in a highly aggressive, animalistic, barbaric and unaware state. 

Trust me on this, I would know.

The zombies that are being created by a specific group are only being created one way, but the way in which it is being done, can have one of
four outcomes;

1. To turn existing people into "new", compliant people who will have new beliefs, new thought processes and new likes and dislikes
2. Suicide from psychosis / delirium
3. Highly aggressive, animalistic, wild like, cannibalistic behavior Rudy Eugene
4. Death

The chemicals that are being used can "strip" a human being's mind down to only their basic animal instincts and they react accordingly, appearing as though their soul is missing or as if "something" is shut off in their brain.

Once any of this happens, it is irreversible.

Let me explain each outcome individually ...

1. To turn existing people into "new" people
The goal is to use the chemicals to erase the memory of an individual and to re-construct their mind with hypnosis while the individual is drugged.
When the "process" is over (about 1 month or so), the individual emerges as an entirely "new" person and has no memory of the month long "process" and has no idea what happened to them
(more on this below)

2. Suicide from psychosis / delirium
During the "process" and due to the severe psychosis the chemicals cause, suicide is a serious and common "thought" and sometimes acted on.

3. Rudy Eugene
During the "process" and due to the reaction in the brain caused by the chemicals and the unknown severity of reaction the chemicals will have per individual, occasionally an individual is entirely "stripped" and the result is catastrophic.

4. Death
During the "process", the human body can suffer an extreme physical reaction;

a. excessively elevated body temperature (hypothermia)
b. blindness
c. loss of speech
d. psychosis / delirium
e. urinary retention
f. sinus tachycardia
g. hallucinations indistinguishable from reality
h. severe constipation
i. coma

The ordeal is terrifying, mentally incapacitating and not escapable.

Many times, the individual must be strapped down during the process due to both the extreme mental and physical torture that the individual endures. It has been said that they mentally experience an "actual" physical death and putting the terrifying experience aside, it has been also documented that some people do actually die.

You would think that an individual who endures this, would remember the traumatic event, but they don't.
Nothing is recorded in the brain, while at the same time; things that are already programmed in the brain, such as memories ... are erased from the brain.

Now to offer you some historic evidence that will support that what I'm saying is true or that it can be done, let me provide you with some information about what this group previously did for many, many years within their own culture ... it is called the "Wysoccan" ceremony and it was performed by "Midewiwin."
The Midewiwin consist of highly accomplished secret medicine men who have special knowledge of and work with rare herbs and vegetable poisons and have done so for hundreds of years.

Historically; the Midewiwin are extremely elusive, have dual personalities, are highly skilled manipulators, they are absolute masters of creating public illusions which contributes to the belief that they are "mystical" and they are said to work with supernatural forces.

A combination of poisonous / toxic, brain damaging herbs found in plants that contain the same nasty chemicals that I’m talking about above, would be repeatedly fed via a drink (wysoccan), to young men who the Mides would lock in cages for 18 – 28 days or so.

The toxic herbs would induce a terrifying state of insanity & madness, which is why these men were locked in cages. The goal was to force the young men to forget their “former” (memories) lives. 

Due to how these toxic herbs worked, they would make the now frail minds of these young men minds' extremely pliable, making it easy to create “new” young men” through the use of hypnosis. And the results were profound.

Not only did these young men emerge as entirely new people, but their new thought processes and their new beliefs were deeply rooted and held with conviction.

What was happening to these young men was that they were suffering amnesia and brain damage with each of the high doses they were given.

Ironically, one of the chemicals used in this devastating soup, got its name from and literally means;
 "to cut the life" and in particular doses it does in fact end life.

But the other two chemicals when used with the 3rd chemical that "cuts the life", together actually do something much more profound; they put the conscious mind to sleep and with repeated doses, eventually sever the conscious mind completely.

So its not so much that the memories are erased as would appear, it is that the "conscious" mind is done away with. (more about this below).

The so called memories that were “stripped” had to be replaced with “something” or the young men were at a very high risk of permanent insanity or worse; living a perpetual walking, living, unaware, highly aggressive and very animalistic state ... much like a zombie and some did and some instead died during the process.

Unfortunately, when the almost month long process was over, the young men often did not remember their own names or even who their own mother was and if they did, they were subject to the process all over again until the final objective was met. 

The final objective was and is today ... to create a “new” person.

A new person with new thoughts, new beliefs, new likes, new dislikes ~ down to even hatred for someone or something through re-constructing their minds or more precisely; from killing the conscious mind and re-programming the subconscious mind.

It was believed that by erasing their former lives; erasing any emotional attachments, erasing all child hood experiences, erasing all family memories and erasing all fear, this would be the perfect foundation to literally build a “new” person.

None of the young men would ever realize what happened to them, they would emerge one month or so later completely oblivious to not only what happened to them but literally with no memories of who they once were and unrecognizable to their family.

These people were so unrecognizable in fact, so vastly and frighteningly different and so "hollow" that they appeared to be missing their soul.

Over time, members of this "group" who could seemingly separate the soul (or so it would appear) from a living human being while they were alive, among other things that they could accomplish, became highly feared because of this and due to many of their other capabilities.
These people were feared so much in fact that back in the day during the late 19th century, this group of people were either put to death or placed into mental institutions by our government and the ones who weren't, went underground.

Ok, so now let's jump a little bit to 1978 ... with the passage of a particular Religious Freedom Act, this group of people began to re-emerge.

But because so much time has gone by, because such little information was previously known about them, and because such little information was published about them, very few people (and I mean very few) knew little, if any information about their existence at all. 
The people who Did or do know of them, for the most part only know of them through what they read back then and even today.

However what is presented about this group today is so vague, so confusing and at times very complex,
making it difficult for anyone to grasp an understanding of what they do and still, their capabilities are kept in secret and are highly guarded when most people that do know of them believe them to be of a religious nature and / or organization, when they are not or they hold the belief that they are somehow mystical or magical because they are also known to work with the supernatural.

Due to the complexity of this group, their profound capabilities, the minimal information provided to the public, what I have personally gone through; as I experienced my own husband turned into a "new" person, the sheer hell I was forced to live as a result and the intensive, exhausting and covert research and documenting that I did for years, this makes this secret "group" and a lot of what they do and the toxic plants / herbs that they are using on people today ... my specialty.

Today, creating Zombies ...

The very same chemicals I spoke of above are being used today and in the same form, by the very same "group" (or at least some of them) to make living, walking zombies and they are doing it for a number of reasons (another post for another day) and these "zombie / new people" are enduring the very same results that I also wrote about above, all of it; well except for being caged for a month or so.

Now let me explain to you why you didn't know this or haven't heard of it;

#1. Your lack of knowledge about this group of people thriving in our society, so few people know of their existence or “who” they are when they take positions in jobs around us.

#2 Our dismissal or non-belief of the drugs and / or chemicals (let alone plants or herbs) that have the capability to do what these chemicals do

#3 If in the event we encounter an individual who is a member of this group, they intentionally keep their status of being a member hidden from you, therefore you would never know

Not only is your lack of knowledge about their membership with this group to their benefit, but is also your lack of knowledge of this group as a whole, giving them an even better advantage over you.
Additionally ...

#4 the chemicals that are used, despite that the "process" takes approx one month, do not make a person "look" drugged.

In fact, the person who is drugged actually appears to be quite normal other than a few "small" things that could easily be over-looked and ... within only hours after being drugged.

The advantage that this group here has is this;

The initial, outward affects of the chemicals wear off or wane within approx 4 hours with each dose,
so as long as they can keep the drugged person away from other people for at least 3 - 4 hours each time they can get away with what they are doing successfully, especially if the drugged person does not remember the ordeal that they had just gone through and doesn't realize that they are still drugged or that they will be left in this drugged state for up to 5 days with each dose.

This makes it easy for this group to re-dose them again and again, until they reach their ultimate objective
... to make a "new", compliant person and without their knowledge (or yours) or their consent.

When you combine all of this with their profound ability to manipulate and to create believable illusions as they have mastered and have historically done, you can appreciate the significant advantage that they harness.

Let's say you are a wealthy person, you are a business owner of a highly successful business or you are in a position of power and this group does this to you successfully ... you would not realize what happened to you, you would begin making very important decisions or financial decisions that you believe are of your own accord when they are not, and no one around you would realize what happened to you or if they did, they would have a hell of a time trying to convince anyone of what happened to you, just as much as I am trying to convince you right now of what is going on with this group today.

Now if you look on the left side of this page, you will see an area that contain a bunch of links under the area where it shows; "Scopolamine - Burundanga Education."

These are reputable links that you should visit so you can learn more, or ... you can read my books which are listed on the right side of this page.

Monday, March 17, 2014

A Pre-emptive reaction to guilt and another game played; how insightful!

Yesterday I got an email regarding my book (woohoo!) of which is a tell-all of what happened to my family through specific criminals and their intentional use of toxic, brain damaging herbs containing Scopolamine on my husband and ... a great educational tool I might add.

So on a whim, late last night I decided to go check on the reviews I may have received for my book
 (this is funny watch).

Now of course I have already explained in a previous post how Pallah Stimpson (one of the people who poisoned my husband) was frequenting my blog throughout 2013 and that as soon as I mentioned a tiny blurb (July 2013) on my blog that I was soon publishing a book, and she knew her name was going to be in it because of what she did to my husband and my family, and because in the tiny blurb on my blog I wrote it was going to be a "tell-all", for the first time in 4 years, all of a sudden; my husband is living back at his office and Pallah and my husband are no longer together.

Now most people would look at that and say big deal or good, its about damn time that freekin' nut is finally away from your husband! (now ex-husband).

Well, you gotta know why that freekin' nut fled, before we get to the funny stuff ...

You have to remember; I stated that she poisoned my husband and basically made him a lobotomized slave to her, through toxic brain damaging herbs and hypnosis (in a nut-shell) no pun intended.

You may be thinking;  if in fact that were true, and Pallah (Paula) did poison your husband, cause him brain damage & use hypnosis on him, wouldn't the master's slave do what a slave does and still be under his master's thumb ... forever & ever?

Well, a slave can't rrrealllllyyy be a slave if the slave appears to be living independently and the slave is no longer with their master, can they?

Get it?

If my husband (Pallah's lobotomized slave) isn't living with her any longer, if she and my husband are no longer together, one might think; " how can he be her slave?" and "if he was her lobotomized slave, he of course would be under her thumb forever wouldn't he?", "obviously she didn't make him a slave to her".

Well folks what is the first thing that a criminal does when they think they have been caught or they think they will be questioned about the crime?

For instance, if a criminal stole $10,000 and they have reason to believe they are suspected of stealing it and they may be questioned, they take the money they stole and they hide it, right?

They physically separate / distance themselves from the money and the crime, right?

This is no different.

I published my book, exposed the people involved and now they are trying to separate / distance themselves from the crime.

Its no different.

Let me go into detail here before getting into the funny stuff so you have a clear understanding of what I'm talking about ...

Look how these people separate themselves when convenient:

Previously on separate occassions,  Jim Beard publicized the following information in a number of places
(watch what happens after)

Jim Beard; "I'm a Mide for the day" ("Mide" means medicine man)

click to enlarge

Jim Beard "My teacher is a Midewiwin" 

click to enlarge

Jim beard; "I collect donations for "the medicine society" (Midewiwin medicine society)

click to enlarge

Jim Beard; "I attend Midewiwin school in Odanah Wisconsin"

click to enlarge

Then all of a sudden & out of nowhere, he writes this ...

"I can't be  Midewiwin because I am not an Indian" 

click to enlarge

On top of this, please notice, he blogged it from the Midewiwin lodge in Odanah Wisconsin, see time stamp ...

click to enlarge

 After previously stating all of the things about himself and being Midewiwin,
All of a sudden he can't be a Midewiwin or even a member of the Midewiwin medicine society?

Kind of odd huh?

Here's the answer;

Knowing what I now know, all you have to do is look at what "big" / tragic thing occurred within the same week that he wrote he cannot be a Mide, within his vicinity, and you will find out why he changed the facts surrounding his Midewiwin "career" and why he is suddenly separating himself publicly.

You will be surprised to learn that when these people believe they may be caught committing criminal acts (intentionally poisoning people), it is then that they separate themselves when they think no one is watching. 

And  ...

After I posted the story of a tragedy on Mt. Monadnock that occurred two days after medicine man Jim Beard held a circle in his cabin on Mt. Monadnock on my blog. and he and Pallah seen it on my blog,
even the post that states he can't be a Mide of which also provided the date the blog was written, the time and his location; the Mide lodge on his blog, his post quickly disappeared (and the same story was re-posted over a year later instead) and his schedule that he provided on his website that demonstrated that he held a circle two days prior to the tragedy disappeared.

In another example, when Pallah named Jim Beard in our court case, suddenly the information on his website that demonstrated that he and Pallah together held a circle on a night that my husband (while suffering a delirium caused by their toxic herbs) was witnessed leaving the hypnosis studio with Pallah on
August 14, 2009 disappeared.
Additionally, Pallah would later change her story about this night at least 3 times in court docs (among many other lies) and in testimony claiming initially that I physically attacked her on the night of August 14, 2009 when she was simply walking down the street and then later, despite holding a circle at a hypnosis studio on the night of August 14, 2009 ... she claimed that she and my husband were never at the hypnosis studio.

However, that very same night on August 14, 2009, an email from my husband containing the IP address of the hypnosis studio sent to me, confirmed otherwise.

Guess what else disappeared? Of all the flyers that Jim Beard displayed on his website when he and Pallah were holding their circles, the flyer for August 14, 2009 disappeared. In fact, only the flyers for August 2009 disappeared while the rest remained.

Do you wanna know why? Because the flyer for August 14, 2009 linked both Pallah and Jim Beard to a crime, that crime was of intentionally poisoning my husband with toxic herbs and forcing him to attend hypnosis sessions while he was suffering a delirium that they caused. Pallah and my intentionally drugged husband were witnessed by me and our kids leaving the hypnosis studio together on August 14, 2009 and it was brought up in court.

To distance themselves completely from their crime, they disposed of both flyers for August 2009 so it would appear as if they didn't have any circles at all in August 2009.

But it was too late ... I had already printed the information.

click to e

Jim Beard and Pallah Stimpson separate / distance themselves when they believe they will be caught just as Pallah did by ending her relationship with my husband, when she went to my blog and knew she was going to be exposed for what she did to my husband via my tell-all book.

Now you know why I said; a slave can't rrrealllllyyy be a slave if the slave appears to be living independently and the slave is no longer with their master, can they?

That would be other people's perception if they didn't know how they work when attempting to distance themselves from crimes.

You gotta learn their manipulation folks, highly skilled at it or not, you can learn their tricks. You'll see more blatant manipulation in a minute.

OK, so getting back to the book review and funny stuff ...

As I showed you before; under normal circumstances our society has no need to understand what medicine men do, what they use or how they do what they do because our society doesn't rely on medicine men,
it's almost unheard of, therefore we don't know what their "skills" (for lack of a better word) are or what they are capable of doing.

What we do know is this; our medicines of today have all originally come from plants and herbs despite that today some are now made in a lab.

Nuff said about that, so moving on ...

I anxiously go and check to see if anyone left a review about my book.

After all, its a damn good tell-all book!

Low and behold, there it is; next to the word review is the number (1)
 (how exciting!)

It may be only (1) review, nevertheless ... its exciting!

So I click on the little number (1) and I'm immediately taken of course to the review that a reader of my book left.

For Gods sake, talk about anti-climatic!

What a let down, It was ... one of "themmm".

Yes I said one of "themmm" (the freeks who poisoned my husband)

They think they know things LMAO

They put my first and last name & my state out there like its a big secret, accused me of hiding behind my pen name and they think they are disclosing information that I don't want people to know.

No, they didn't put my pen name; "AimeeRachel Young" out there, they put my real name, oh nohh!

~ They even spelled my first (real) name correctly, no one ever does. LOL
Clearly it must be someone who knows something right?

I didn't use my real name to protect my husband, you know, the victim. I could care less if my own name is out there or who learns of it, after what we've all been through, really?

H-E-L-L-O-W my husbands memory of his almost 30 year marriage and five children have been obliterated, my family has been destroyed and our finances annihilated, all at the hands of two soulless and selfish individuals!

Funny thing is, if my book is written by an unknown author; "Aimeerachel Young"
and it is a tell-all book about toxic herbs and hypnosis, and provides my family case as an example without disclosing any of our own / real names ...

That means that to begin with, "themmm" had to be at "AimeeRachel's" blog which is about toxic herbs and hypnosis to even know that "AimeeRachel" was publishing a book in the first place right?

And ...

Unless "Themmm" knew what they did and specifically to who, what search terms I wonder were they looking under and why to find AimeeRachel Young's blog and how would they even know who "AimeeRachel" is or what AimeeRachel's real name is?

My blog, a blog that's mixed in with thousands of other blogs about everything under the sun on the internet, yet they somehow stumbled on it and somehow know who AimeeRachel is?

What search terms I wonder was "Themmm" looking under?

Further, I didn't add Pallah Stimpsons name or Jim Beards name (the people who intentionally poisoned my husband) to my blog until late January 2014 up until then and from the very beginning of my blog in
January 2012, I only referred to each of them as
Ms. Mide and Mr. Mide if you recall.

So its not like they googled their own names and found it.

Remember I said you'd see more blatant manipulation in a minute? Keep reading.

Their review of my book was left on December 1, 2013 ... only a couple of weeks after my book was even published and guess what?

This is funny too ...

The "Themmm" that wrote the review, in their review they state they purchased the digital version and not the book. Then they say something on the lines of; the book is bad, not worth reading, is full of lies yada yada yada.

When "Themmm" wrote their review about my tell - all book, they hadn't even read the book or purchased a book or the digital version before they gave it review!
(screen shots below)

Guilty much? LMAO

* The book was published on November 4, 2013

* 'Themmm" left their review of my book on December 1, 2013

 * They then purchased the book on December 13, 2013


I hadn't sold any books at all until December 13, 2013, yet an abusive review of my book, denying its truthful content (despite all the evidence included in the book) is left on December 1, 2013?
includes my real name?

How insightful huh?

Here I am; an unknown author, my book is not advertised other than once in a tiny blurb on my blog and at a time when Pallah was frequenting my blog, a time when I only referred to the people involved as Ms. Mide & Mr. Mide instead of using their names.

Additionally, it is authored under the name of "AimeeRachel Young" (who is this again?)

The book is then published on November 4, 2013

Yet somehow only a couple of weeks later "themmm" purchases my book and leaves a review that discloses my real name and state (such abusive language in their review I might add) and despite that every word in my book is the truth and provides evidence to back my words up, "themmm" in their review tries to flip things around by stating that in my book, I'm targeting an entire culture and that my book is discriminatory and vile.
(I love the word vile, its such a descriptive word, in fact I think I used that in a blog post several months ago when referring to Pallah Stimpson and her fake words of kindness when she manipulates people)

The review kind of reminded me of a comment Pallah made to the court in a statement when I tried to get help from my husband for the delirium he was experiencing and his sudden drastic & profound life changing decisions he swiftly began making, when I pointed out the herbs that were used on him;
uuuhummm S-C-O-P-O-L-A-M-I-N-E, uuuhummm from the common Native American and Shamanic plant; Datura / Jimson weed. You know the very same "herbs" that have been used for hundreds of years for abductions, murder, rape and robbery. The very same "herbs" used in the Wysoccan ceremony along with hypnosis by the Midewiwin to erase the memory & implant new ones.

True story right there.

Anyway, Pallah said something on the lines of; "I am a Shamanic Practitioner, my religion should not be discriminated against and is my business, court is no place to discuss it" yada yada yada.


She tried to turn the situation into a discrimination against religion thing when it had absolutely nothing to do with her religion, and had everything to do with her illegal actions.

Oh wait, here it is ...

click to enlarge

How does poisoning someone with toxic herbs for self-gain as she did to my husband, have anything to do with persecuting her based on her spiritual practices as she barks about in the above court document?

BTW, getting back to targeting an entire culture, in reference to the Midewiwin, I'm pretty sure that I have written numerous times that when I write about the Midewiwin, I am referring to the two Mides who destroyed my husbands mind and my family and that I am not referring to all Midewiwin.

In fact, I never stated anything negative anywhere about any specific "culture", be it Native American or otherwise.

But for someone who wants to deflect the real issue and turn it into a great controversy; discrimination would be a great ploy huh? Pathetic.

Not only does "Themmm" bring in discrimination in the review, but if you notice also in the review, "Themmm" also say's that the book targets the original beautiful people of North America; the Anishinabe.

That's not true,

I provided information about what two people criminally did to my family, I explained they were Midewiwin medicine men of a secret society and I explained what Midewiwin was, and where it originated.

This is exactly what I wrote in my book and is an excerpt from my book regarding 
Anishinabe and its relation to the Midewiwin:

click to enlarge

Did I target anyone? No I did not. I provided historical information.

If you didn't know what a hamburger was would it be wrong for me to describe what beef is to you or where it originated?

Getting back to guilt, paranoia and a pre-emptive book review ...

This is beautiful! look:

My book by "AimeeRachel Young" was published on November 4, 2013 ...

click to enlarge

"Themmm" purchased the book on December 13, 2013 ...

click to enlarge

"Themmm" left a review on December 1, 2013  before they purchased or read the book!

Book review posted on December 1, 2013 

click to enlarge

If I sold my very first book on December 13, 2013 and my second book on December 15, 2013
why is "Themmm" leaving a review about my book or the digital version of my book on
December 1, 2013
... before it was read by anyone? 

* The digital version became available even later.

So it’s pretty safe to include this BS riddled review among all of their other BS, lies and manipulation to the court too right?

A review of which after a much closer look; provide a clear outline of deep paranoia, defensiveness and guilt
of a truly disturbed individual who repeatedly projects her own mental health and personality issues onto the person whose husbands mind and memories she destroyed,
 and for her own selfish gain.

Can you guess who "Themmm" is?

Here’s a great question;

Why would a person lie in court about so much if they have done nothing wrong?

Their game played here reminds me of their game played here

Now if you want the whole story, go here

Alternatively, more information in detail can be found in my book;

 "Death of The White Nation Through Peace" and is available to order by clicking here

click to enlarge

After all, its a damn good tell-all book!